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Why Twilight Is Not Better Than Harry Potter.

Let me begin this by saying that I have been a Harry Potter fan for eleven years. I was first read the books when I was five, and since then I’ve been re-reading the series myself for years. Harry Potter has had a fan base for many years that has constantly been getting bigger, as our generation has grown up with the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. The Twilight phase began around 2008 and has unfortunately gained many followers, hardly as many as Harry Potter has, but still a large number. I’m writing this not to prove that Harry Potter is ‘better’ than Twilight (although most of us know it to be true), but to disprove the ‘facts’ that Twilight fans have used in their arguments against Harry Potter with real, hard evidence.

The first point Twilight fans love to bring up is the fact that Harry Potter copied many details off Twilight. Let me point out that the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was first published on June 30, 1997. The first Twilight book was published on October 5, 2005. Now Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince were all published before that date, the Half-Blood Prince (the second to last book in the series) was published on July 16, 2005. That’s around three months before the first Twilight book was published. Therefore, J.K Rowling could possibly have not copied anything of Twilight until the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, but even then nothing was copied as the plot had already been fully developed. The final Harry Potter book was published on July 21, 2007. A point most usually brought up by the Twilight fans about this so-called ‘copying’ is the fact that Sirius Black and Jacob Black have the same surnames, and are both ‘werewolves’. Now I have read the entirety of both series, and I can safely say that Jacob Black is classed as a ‘shapeshifter’ and not a real werewolf, and Sirius Black isn’t even related to a werewolf. Sirius Black is an Animagus, a wizard to can elect to turn into an animal at any given time, and his animal form was a shaggy, black dog – not a werewolf. Now for the surname point, Sirius Black is from a long line of Blacks, and his character was first mentioned in the first book and was properly developed in the third book, which was still published six years before the first Twilight book. I think it’s safe to say that J.K Rowling never copied anything off Stephenie Meyer.

The amounts of copies published are higher for Harry Potter. The entirety of the Harry Potter series (seven books) has published over 450 million copies worldwide, making it the highest sold series in history. Twilight wasn’t even on this list. Enough said.

I will now show you a proper, legitimate quote from a Twilight fan, stating a reason why Twilight is better than Harry Potter: “OMGGG Harry POtter is messed up. Like seriusly, he needz to grow up and stop being so boring cuz edward is like waaaaaaaay more AMAZINNNG. therees no love in hary potter and nobodies hot who wants to read a book without hot peeps?” This was taken from a website for another book series which shall not be mentioned (but it isn’t Twilight or Harry Potter). The fact that this person cannot seem to spell even the simplest words is tribute to the intelligence that the Twilight fans have. The point raised, that ‘Harry Potter is messed up, needs to grow up and stop being so boring’ is completely moot. Harry Potter’s parents were murdered when he was a year old and he was raised in a family who refused to tell him what he was, how his parents really died and treated him worse than a dog, made him sleep in a cupboard under some stairs and he was constantly bullied and never had a single friend. This could create some serious psychological issues in a child such as anti-social personality disorder and depression. A child in this environment could also become a sociopath and possibly even a psychopath – Harry is lucky that he managed to stay a relatively normal child, who grows up to be the person who destroys the most evil Dark Wizard of all time who was determined to destroy the world. As for the fact that there is ‘no love’ in Harry Potter – of course there isn’t going to be in the first few books, the series starts when Harry is eleven! He’s not immediately going to fall in love and have sex with the nearest person, is he? There are different kinds of love in the first couple of romance-free books: friendship, father-like figures (Sirius, Remus, even Dumbledore), and a bond of trust between friends that Harry, Ron and Hermione get for being put in such life endangering situations that they do. You can’t tell me that Bella would have been able to defeat the most evil dark wizard of all time who also killed her parents when she was eleven, can you? Besides, in the fourth book relationships and crushes start to emerge, and by the final book all of the main characters are in relationships, and in the epilogue they have all had fine, happy and beautiful children. 

Another point often raised is that Harry Potter is turning children away from Christianity, that the magic that goes on in the book is the work of Satan. Now let me begin this point by saying that the Harry Potter series never once mentions religion, being a completely neutral party on this front. Yes, there are evil characters who use wizardry for evil such as Voldemort and his followers, but the majority of the characters use magic for good, such as Harry, Ron, Hermione and every student and teacher at Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and possibly Durmstrang (some international wizarding schools mentioned in Goblet of Fire). There are always going to be people who use good things for their own evil means, such as James and Victoria in the Twilight Saga, or even the Volturi. Harry Potter is about bringing something so magical into the minds of children and expanding their imagination to heights they never even thought of and letting them become lost in the world of Harry Potter, with it’s magical trains, Quidditch matches, teenage trials and awkward phases, love and loss, death and life, heartbreak and betrayal. Twilight is about a girl who becomes obsessed with a boy she doesn’t even know, then gets married and has sex with him and nearly dies in the process of childbirth.

A point I read once was that Harry Potter had ‘gruesome’ and ‘horrible deaths that young kids shouldn’t be reading about’. The characters that die in the Harry Potter series are characters that children have grown up with and loved just as much as any other fan. The characters that die in Harry Potter do it so the world can be a better place, and it gives the book more substance that both good and bad characters die, and make the reader feel real sorrow for the characters painted in our minds. No one but the ‘evil’ characters in Twilight die; and even in Breaking Dawn where the entire book is a build-up to the Volturi and their army coming to kill Bella’s child and possibly all of the Cullens – nothing happens. Not a single person dies. They go off all happy as Larry and the tension building has been for nothing, leaving a very anticlimactic and disappointing ending. The characters in Harry Potter were brave and loved, and died so that the future generations had a chance of living in a better world where they weren’t constantly scared by the threat of Lord Voldemort.

Another point is that Stephenie Meyer dug herself into a hole: throughout the books it was explained that vampires were essentially dead and/or dying people who had been turned into a vampire before death. The point of being a vampire is that they are undead, meaning that their hearts don’t beat, there is no blood being pumped around their bodies and therefore Edward could have never gotten an erection, therefore never could have impregnated Bella and therefore they could have never had a child together. If Stephenie Meyer had said that her vampires were basically indestructible and had to live off blood to survive but were still technically alive with blood and a beating heart then that plot would have worked. Sorry! Harry Potter’s magic is obviously fiction (although to some of us it’s real) but it has limitations, it has words that one must say to do a spell and it has rules that cannot be broken. It’s like J.K Rowling saying that magic cannot bring someone back from the dead, and then in the epilogue she just jumps out and says ‘LOL JOKES GUYS, EVERYONE WAS REVIVED BY HARRY’S AWESOMENESS AND NOW WE’RE ALL HAPPY AS CAN BE!’ Harry Potter follows it’s own rules with some restrictions that give the book more realism.

Some people have said that the Harry Potter books are too dark and scary for children, and although the last books do have a rather dark theme, if you’re old enough to read the books and understand it, then you’re definitely mature enough to read the final books. Most of the Harry Potter fanbase are the fans born in the 1990’s, and we’ve grown up with the books. We understand how dark it is, and how difficult it is for the characters and how the world is slowly sinking into a depression that can only be stopped by Harry Potter. We’re old enough and we’ve grown up with this, and we accept that things have to get worse before they can get better.

My final point that I will leave you with is this, and it displays our heroines in Harry Potter and Twilight: When Edward left Bella, she curled up in the foetal position for three months, did dangerous things that could have killed her to have crazy hallucinations of her 107-year-old-virgin boyfriend and then jumped off a cliff. When Ron left Hermione, she stayed strong and continued to look for Horcruxes, pieces of Voldemort’s soul that could destroy him forever. When Harry left Ginny, she caused havoc for the Death Eaters that then ran Hogwarts, stole the sword of Godric Gryffindor and managed to get Dumbledore’s Army back up-and-running to defend themselves against Voldemort. That is all.

-Evvie Saunders

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